our skincare range

HANZZ+HEIDII is an experience like no other.

From the moment your hands touch the products you can instantly feel the products are made with love and passion, with the aim of making you happy.

You will experience your very own multi-sensory spa moment and enjoy with all senses.

The topography lines represent both the beauty of your skin and the natural imperfections found in our alluring Swiss landscape. Also, you can see a mirror image of yourself through the reflection in our HANZZ+HEIDII logo, which is a reminder that the only person you should compare yourself to, is yourself. 

We worked with the best Swiss skincare experts to develop our HANZZ+HEIDII skincare products. Carefully selected, active, and highly effective ingredients, mainly from Switzerland, that provide instant and long-term effects by protecting and reactivating the skin´s functions in order to slow down signs of aging.

Our fundamental approach was to leave out harmful chemical additives and irritants, our airless containers are eco-friendly and their components are recyclable. The true experience, however, awaits you once you apply these outstanding products to your skin and our products have not been tested on animals.