hanzz+heidii VIP rewards PROGRAM


What exactly is the HANZZ+HEIDII VIP Rewards Program?

The HANZZ+HEIDII VIP Rewards Program is a fascinating points program that makes it possible for you to receive free exclusive and luxurious HANZZ+HEIDII products, and also to recommend this skincare range to your friends and interested parties.


How can you save money and receive free HANZZ+HEIDII products? 

If you become an HANZZ+HEIDII VIP customer, after your second delivery as a VIP customer, you will receive valuable HANZZ+HEIDII VIP points, which you collect and can then redeem for HANZZ+HEIDII products of your choice.


How can you become an Hanzz+Heidii VIP customer, and how can you collect HANZZ+HEIDII VIP points? 

If as a customer you order one or several products via our automated delivery program (autoship) not only once, but regularly in a period of 30 or 60 days, you obtain the status of HANZZ+HEIDII VIP customer. For this purpose, simply select your “autoship” products and the appropriate delivery cycle. From your second delivery you will then receive HANZZ+HEIDII VIP points. 


How can I collect additional Hanzz+Heidii VIP points even faster? 

Simply recommend HANZZ+HEIDII products. As soon as you have placed an order in the “autoship” program you are an HANZZ+HEIDII VIP customer. Then you will get your own, personalized link to the attractive HANZZ+HEIDII online shop and can invite as many friends and interested parties as you would like. If these people become customers, you will be assigned to the VIP Rewards referral program. Then you will also receive HANZZ+HEIDII VIP points for the first order and all other individual orders from these customers (see conditions for VIP REWARDS). 


In doing so, do I have additional work, or can I merely take advantage of the benefits?

You only take advantage of the benefits. We will take over the punctual delivery to your referral customers, the entire accounting process, the first-class customer care and service. It couldn’t be any simpler, and your friends and interested parties will be thrilled.


How can I immediately start in the HANZZ+HEIDII VIP Rewards Program and collect HANZZ+HEIDII VIP points?

Do not give away money. Select your first products which you would like to order in an interval of 30 or 60 days. Don’t be afraid if you are not quite sure yet. You can change your pre-ordered products and also the delivery cycle at any time up to seven working days before the designated day of delivery.



Conditions for the HANZZ+HEIDII VIP Rewards Program: 

  • You have to set up an automatic delivery program (autoship).
  • You will receive Hanzz+Heidii VIP points on your autoship products after your second delivery.  
  • You can use the points received from your own orders after your next order. 
  • You always need the entire amount of points required for a certain product in order to receive this product free of charge. 
  • You will bear the shipping costs (shipping and handling). 
  • If you pause your automatic delivery program, then you will not receive any Hanzz+Heidii VIP points during this period. But you can reactivate it at any time.  
  • Your already received Hanzz+Heidii VIP points remain valid and can be used. 
  • If you recommend new customers (unlimited), you will receive Hanzz+Heidii VIP points on their individual orders and on all other individual orders. If these customers become a VIP customer themselves through the autoship program, they will receive the future Hanzz+Heidii VIP points.
  • No cash can be paid out for VIP points, and the invoice amount can be reduced.  
  • Hanzz+Heidii VIP points will expire after 36 months.